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Corporate Identity Manual

Commemorative exhibition on the 40th anniversary…

3 March 2020

The display highlights how the railway company has adapted to the Catalan territory

mNACTEC acquires hundred-year-old diesel engine

28 February 2020

The exhibit was kept at the former Cabrianes textile complex

Actions for improving hearing accessibility

25 February 2020

These actions focus on improving the reception of visitors and guided visits

Inauguration of the Ràdio mNACTEC space

11 February 2020

The space is hosting a Catalunya Ràdio studio which can be used to record and broadcast live

#MIRmNACTEC competition on Instagram

11 February 2020

A prize will be awarded to the best photograph of the exhibition "Holding a MIRror up to Space"

Presentation of 'Pulsacions mecàniques'

3 February 2020

The publication reviews the history, technological evolution, and social impact of the typewriter

mNACTEC receives over 122,000 visitors in 2019

16 January 2020

Over the last 5 years the number of visitors has remained above 100,000

Donation of a water clock by the artist Bernard…

15 January 2020

The exhibit, donated by the Sabadell bank, will be restored and put on display at the mNACTEC

'Literature and industrial society' 2020

13 January 2020

This cycle presents novels on science, technology and industrial society

New Iron Route in the Pyrenees website

8 January 2020

The route is a transnational Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe.

Publication of issue 8 of Eix magazine

20 December 2019

The central feature is dedicated to workers’ housing

Projects by students from the Centre d’Estudis Politècnics

19 December 2019

Students from this centre have created interactive works for the exhibitions of the mNACTEC

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