New travelling project: the MNACTEC Bus

The bus can be visited in different villages and towns around Catalonia

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has launched the MNACTEC Bus travelling museum project. This is an interactive, technological space, inviting the public to journey into the past, present and future of our society, diving into an innovative exploration of such topics as technological progress, energy transition, culture, transport and industrial heritage.

The aim of the project is to promote a new way of spreading scientific and technological knowledge among younger generations, with innovative formats, participatory experiences and a perspective of environmental sustainability, with a distinctly social approach. The project is also intended to bring the MNACTEC to people in more distant areas, prioritising towns in rural Catalonia.

The initiative is meant for the general public and is free of charge. Free guided tours are available for groups, as well as individual visits free of charge.

The project presents 8 interactive modules divided into two major topics: Change of model and new social culture, and Technology, science and knowledge for the ecological transition. Along the way, there will also be workshops, talks and activities connected with science and technology, intended for different audiences.

press-clock 20 November 2023