Two robots to guide visitors to the MNACTEC

The robots can accompany visitors around the Museum's exhibitions and services

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has launched two collaborative guide robots to accompany visitors around the different parts of the Museum. These are KettyBot models manufactured by PUDU, equipped with an autonomous navigation and localisation system thanks to their LIDAR radar. The MNACTEC is one of the first museums in Catalonia to introduce guide robots in its exhibition areas.

The main function of the robots is to accompany visitors to the different exhibitions, experiences and services offered by the Museum. Users can interact with the robot via a touchscreen, and choose the area they want to visit. Once the area is selected, the robot accompanies the visitor to the destination, and also plays audiovisual material at certain points of interest. While in use, the robot issues certain phrases to facilitate interaction with the user.

press-clock 31 October 2023