Francesc Salvà i Campillo 2023 grant awarded

The recipient was a project by Laia Gallego concerning worker housing at the Sant Antoni reservoir

The 5th Francesc Salvà i Campillo Research Grant, organised by the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) and the Ramon Muntaner Institute (IRMU), was awarded to the researcher Laia Gallego Vila, who presented her study proposal entitled Everyday traces of hydroelectric industrialisation. Worker housing at the Sant Antoni reservoir (Pallars Jussà).

The grant, which serves to recognise historical and/or heritage research into the different spheres comprising the industrial, scientific and technical heritage, history and culture of Catalonia, is named after the Catalan doctor, physician and meteorologist Francesc Salvà i Campillo, a pioneer in the field of telegraphy.

press-clock 29 November 2023