Educational resources

Leonardo da Vinci

Resources on the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci: The genius and the inventions" (2017)

Motos Montesa

Discover every Montesa motorbike!

Mathematical calculation and culture

A fascinating journey through Egyptian, Suzhou, Arabic, Brahman, Sumerian, Greek and Mayan numbers and their civilisations.

A technological and human process: textiles

Interactive feature supplementing the exhibition "The Textile Factory", with materials helping to explain the machines and the human factor

Gas and oil. Fossil energy

A fun way to discover oil and petrol.


What is coking? Discover what it is in this interactive game!

How engines work

This interactive element allows you to discover how different types of engine work, with the chance to try them out at the end!

The process of combustion

Learn about the different phases of combustion with this interactive element!

The formation of oil

A journey through the different phases in the formation of oil.

Oil distillation

An interactive exploration of the process of distillation!

History of the radio

A chronological and interactive journey through the radiophonic medium