Technical conference

01/06 | Heritage and the glass industry in Catalonia

Netol advertisement

The MNACTEC has completed the restoration of the mural advertisement that appeared in Terrassa

Summer workshops

Registration open from May 15 to June 16

Eix 15 magazine on sale

Central report dedicated to the origins of photography in Catalonia


A web platform for videos and podcasts about science, technology and industrial heritage

'El pany i la clau', de Jaume Bargas

La història del pany i la clau i els aspectes tècnics dels oficis vinculats

Bombers 40 anys

The exhibition reviews the history of the Generalitat de Catalunya's Fire Brigade

Hispano-Suiza T60RLA

The Museum has acquired a Hispano-Suiza car from 1936

Virtual tour

New virtual itinerary around the museum's areas and exhibitions


Forthcoming activities