MNACTEC receives 113,239 visitors in 2023

The central site and three other sites of the MNACTEC totalled more than 133,000 visitors

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) received 113,239 visitors in 2023 at its central site in Terrassa, 3.03% more than the previous year. 50.6% of all visitors are individuals, 43.4% are school students, and the remaining 5.9% other groups. The increase in visits to the MNACTEC is down to the expansion of the activities available within and outside the museum, continued demand for educational initiatives, and the remodelling of such museum spaces as the coal stores, the boiler room and access to the chimney.

The central site in Terrassa and the three other MNACTEC sites (the Castellar de n’Hug Cement Museum, the Colònia Sedó Factory Town Museum in Esparreguera, and the Farga Palau Forge in Ripoll) totalled 133,034 visitors in 2023, a figure 6.1% higher than in 2022. The reasons behind this increase include the record number of visitors achieved by the Castellar de n’Hug Cement Museum, linked to the museum's extended opening hours and the launch of regular guided tours, and the increase in visitors to the Farga Palau Forge in Ripoll, thanks to the renewal of the site and the inclusion of a new self-access system for the public.

The details of the visitor numbers for each site over recent years are as follows:







 Museu del Ciment de  Castellar de n’Hug



 Museu de la Colònia Sedó d’Esparreguera



 Farga Palau de Ripoll



 Total MNACTEC + 3 seus



press-clock 8 February 2024