Restoration workshop

The space where curative and restoration tasks of the museum's heritage objectes are carried out

The restoration workshop of the MNACTEC, with over 25 years’ experience, is the space where curative and restoration tasks are carried out to counter the damage or alterations affecting the integrity and potentially risking the conservation of heritage objects.

The workshop specialises in the restoration of objects with a scientific, technological, and industrial heritage which is part of the MNACTEC collection. Before restoring these objects, reports are drafted with the collaboration of experts, while restoration actions always follow precepts of minimum intervention and maximum reversibility. The processes are also documented in written and graphic form.

The restoration workshop is located at the central headquarters of the MNACTEC, in Terrassa, and has a total surface of 468 m². It is equipped with specific installations in which to carry out interventions on the movable heritage of the Museum collections. The workshop, which has all necessary materials and machinery for restoring the pieces, is divided into two areas: one for cleaning and precision work and the other for working on assembling and dismantling large pieces.