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2016 European Heritage Days

25 July 2016

The initiatives on offer include in particular a visit to the new archives of the mNACTEC…

Museum with the most visits in the surroundings…

21 July 2016

The mNACTEC tops the ranking with 104,403 visitors in 2015

Asland Cement Museum in Castellar de n’Hug adds…

11 July 2016

The move provides the museum with an essential exhibit in understanding the process of cement…

Exhibition "Industries of French Catalonia"

5 July 2016

The exhibition shows the dynamism of 37 industrial spaces in the Eastern Pyrenees

Acquisition of a Sholes & Glidden typewriter

21 June 2016

This was the first device to be made available to a mass market

Symposium "Ordinary landscapes, heritage and civil…

15 June 2016

The symposium was jointly organised by the mNACTEC and the Landscape Observatory

Inventory of the industrial heritage of Sabadell

13 June 2016

The project forms part of the Inventory of Industrial Heritage of Catalonia (IPIC)

Opening of the show “Industrial Landscapes”

7 June 2016

The exhibition features 11 contemporary industrial landscapes representative of Catalonia

Local festival: Open day and activities

7 June 2016

The programme for the Local Festival includes guided and dramatised tours, visits to the ceiling…

The mNACTEC in Google Art Project

6 June 2016

The mNACTEC has a presence on this platform through three exhibitions, 200 objects from its…

Open-air film season

2 June 2016

The season features three film screenings on the historic courtyard of the museum on the first,…

Show: ‘Berlin, Symphony of a Great City’

1 June 2016

Screening of a classic of German silent cinema with a live jazz soundtrack

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