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Exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci. The genius and his…

24 January 2017

The exhibit presents 40 machines and inventions by Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci

New family programme

12 January 2017

Activities about the exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: The genius and his inventions” and much more

Over 105.000 visitors in 2016

10 January 2017

The total amount increased by 1,199 people, 1.13% more than in 2015

New acquisition: Klimov VK-1 jet engine

21 December 2016

This model from 1948 is one of the most widely produced jet engines in the history of aviation

The Museum of Oil of Catalonia, part of the TS of…

12 December 2016

The Museum is located in the mill of the Granadella Cooperative

HispaBrick Magazine Event 2016 is here

1 December 2016

The gathering brings children, young people and adults into contact with the world of LEGO®…

The writer's trade in the words of Josep Maria Espinàs

28 November 2016

The activity is tied in with the exhibition "Typewriters", which opened back in September

Opening of the Museum of Lathing in Torrelló

25 November 2016

The Museum explains the process of industrialisation in Catalonia through the lathing of wood…

"Recovered Sites" exhibition

22 November 2016

This travelling exhibition presents various examples of the restoration of Catalonia's manufacturing…

Second edition of the magazine Eix

21 November 2016

Inside the publication, the contents feature in particular a dossier on the conservation of…

Winter 2016 workshops

4 November 2016

"Holidays at the Museum" invites our youngest visitors to discover science and technology

Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant joins mNACTEC Regional…

3 November 2016

The network groups together the 27 key museums and sites of Catalan industrial heritage

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