mNACTEC receives over 122,000 visitors in 2019

Over the last 5 years the number of visitors has remained above 100,000

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (mNACTEC) received 120,262 visitors in 2019 at its main site in Terrassa, 14% more than the previous year. This is the fifth consecutive year in the history of the mNACTEC that visitor numbers have remained above a level of 100,000.

46% of all visitors are individuals, 52% are school students, and the remaining 2% other groups.

Visitors by site

The main site in Terrassa and the three other mNACTEC sites (Asland Cement Museum in Castellar de n'Hug, Esparreguera Silk Colony Museum and Palau Forge in Ripoll) clocked up 138,557 visitors in 2019, 11% up on 2018, above all as a result of the increase in visitor numbers at the Terrassa and Esparreguera museums.


press-clock 16 January 2020