Inauguration of the Ràdio mNACTEC space

The space is hosting a Catalunya Ràdio studio which can be used to record and broadcast live

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has inaugurated the new Ràdio mNACTEC space with the live broadcast of the “L’apocalipsi” competition from “El matí de Catalunya Ràdio”.

The Ràdio mNACTEC space aims to showcase the world of radio broadcast thanks to a real functioning studio: Catalunya Ràdio’s studio 17, which the radio station is allowing the mNACTEC to use and is the first to be located outside its headquarters. Thanks to this space, which can be used for radio recordings and broadcasts, visitors will be able to learn how modern radio studios work.

This studio is accompanied by a small display on the evolution of radio since the late 19th century. It provides an overview of the key moments of its history, the major technological evolution within the field of telecommunications, and the social impact of this medium. A total of 10 objects from the mNACTEC collection are on display and showcase the evolution of radio.

With the creation of Ràdio mNACTEC, the Museum aims to highlight radio as a vital tool for Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), transforming the studio into a laboratory where visitors and school groups can experience the world of radio first hand. Furthermore, it is also intended as a tool for diversifying the museum’s offer, permanently providing new didactic activities as well as activities for scientific and technological dissemination.

press-clock 11 February 2020