'Literature and industrial society' 2020

This cycle presents novels on science, technology and industrial society

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) is organising the fourth edition of the series of book presentations Literature and industrial society, focusing on science, technology and industrial society. This activity aims to promote recent literary works which portray or are set in contexts of social change resulting from industrialisation processes in Catalonia, as well as further exploring the more technical side of these historical and social changes. The industrial sectors examined in the cycle are the textile industry, the construction of the Núria rack railway, and the birth of hiking in Catalonia.

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Thursday 6 february 2020, at 18.30 h (Textile industry)

Presentation La memòria de l’aigua, by Montse Barderi


With the participation of:

Montse Barderi, author
Bernat Pizà, historian
Glòria Gasch, editor



Thursday 5 march 2020, at 18.30 h (Construction of the Núria rack railway​)

Presentation La filla de la neu, by Núria Esponellà


With the participation of:

Núria Esponellà, author
A manager of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya - Vall de Núria 



Thursday 2 april 2020, at 18.30 h (Birth of hiking in Catalonia)

Presentation L’Hotel de l’Univers, by Bernat Gasull


With the participation of:

Bernat Gasull, author
Rosa Serra, historian

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