Energy in everyday life

Publication associated with the exhibition Enérgeia, linking energy resources to everyday life

Planetary energy

Photocopiable information sheets on energy and how it is responsible for the functioning of the planet

A history of inventions

Publication linked to the exhibition Homo Faber and addressing the technological evolution of human society

Energy. A multidisciplinary secondary education offering

Publication linked to the exhibition Enérgeia, and addressing the section of experimental science and technology

Coal. A multidisciplinary secondary education offering

Educational material focused on coal and the Cercs Mining Museum


Cork is the star of this publication, from its extraction to the environmental issues derived from it


Addressing the substance of coal from every dimension

The River and the Vidal Colony

A study of the River Llobregat as a key element in the process of industrialisation and its impact on the environment


Monograph edition dealing with every aspect of paper production: resources, processes and recycling

Wheat, flour and landscape

A publication providing an insight into the process of milling grain, and the socio-environmental issues with our food consumption model


An account of the complete process of transforming hide into leather, and also the environmental impact and treatment of general waste