The Mentora Alsina Experimental Physics Laboratory

A publication on the exhibition dedicated to the physicist Ferran Alsina, his contributions and the museum display project

Watch the radio. 80 years of receiver design and technology

An exhibition dossier covering 80 years of radio design and technology

Homo videns. In front of the small screen

A tour of the exhibition covering the 50-year history of televisions

Motorcycle exhibition. Viva Montesa

A publication presenting the Pere Permanyer Collection on display at the mNACTEC

The Colour of Memories

Photographic cameras over time. A unique journey through the technological evolution of photography equipment

The textile factory. Exhibition guide

Exhibition on the process of woollen fabric production in a factory of the early 20th century

The radio enters the home

A guide to the exhibition featuring one of the finest collections around the world of loudspeakers, built between 1920 and 1930