Menu of services

The specialized library is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., by appointment

The MNACTEC's specialist library offers a menu of services available to users, detailing the services and activities available, and the responsibilities of users and the library itself in the delivery of this service.



1. User assistance:

Daily assistance for users: as customers, to identify, anticipate and satisfy their needs.

Access to the Library is open to:

  • The staff of the Museum itself
  • Museum partners and consultants
  • Teachers and Researchers
  • University students

2. Information Desk
The library has an information desk dealing with functionality, services, document axis, bibliographical searches, etc., a collection and delivery point for the library's own materials as well as leaflets and other information resources.

3. Online access
Online access to the catalogue within the Catalan Government Libraries catalogue

4. Document collection reading and consultation service
The Library has 20 reading points allowing users to work with the utmost convenience, according to the different sections and types of consultation

5. Document retrieval service

6. Bibliography and document guidance service

7. Access to books
Access to books is unrestricted. Following consultation, they should be left on the desks.

8. Access to journals
Access to journals is likewise unrestricted for the latest editions of each, which can be found on the magazine racks. Consultation of all other journals, videos and books that because of their antiquity, historical/artistic value or publication conditions are not available for public access, must be requested from a library supervisor.

9. Database access
Database queries can be performed from the Consultation Room itself, using the required IT equipment

10. Video and multimedia access
Videos, audiovisual and multimedia systems can be consulted by means of a viewing device in the Consultation Room itself.

11. Internet access

12. Loans: books, periodic publications, videos, CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs

13. Photocopy service
The library has a self-service machine to photocopy documents, in accordance with the restrictions and guarantees of the Intellectual Property Act. The cost is €5 for A4 and €10 for A3.

14. Document products
Documents produced by the specialist library and accessible via the Museum website, such as Latest Developments, Service Menu and other internal documents.

15. Opening hours:
The consultation service is available during the opening hours approved each year by the Museum Board of Management.
It is currently open from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by appointment.
From July 31 to August 26 and from September 9 to 16, the library will be closed.



In terms of service quality, the MNACTEC Library is responsible for managing the entire bibliographical collection held by the Museum, with a clear policy and defined and specific quality objectives, focused on self-assessment and continuous improvement.

16. Personalised service
Consultations are handled in person at the desk, by email or by telephone, regarding the library holdings and services.

17. Professionalism and attention
Friendly, cordial and personal service. Follow-up until the consultation is resolved.

18. Information on new acquisitions
Monthly information in digital format on the MNACTEC website and in printed format at the library itself

19. Handling of petitions and purchase requests

20. Free of charge
The services are free of charge, except those expressly indicated: photocopies, Internet print-offs.

21. Democratisation
All information requests will be handled from the entire population, without any discrimination by race, gender or age

22. Agility
Information consultations will be swiftly responded to and/or forwarded.

23. Website
The Museum website, the Documentation Centre Blog and the various social media channels are used to respond to all consultations and suggestions presented, while also regularly updating the content of these media channels.

24. Results
Reliable and secure results that satisfy users are guaranteed.



25. Respect other users through silence, and refraining from smoking, eating or drinking.

26. Respect the materials available in the room: computers, television; also the lending collection.

27 Respect the premises and make good use of them, remembering that I am the main beneficiary.

28. Respect the lending rules
The Lending Service is available to:

  • The staff of the Museum itself
  • Partners and advisors.
  • University teachers
  • Researchers holding a Researcher Card.
  • All individuals vouched for by a person included in section A.
  • Libraries with an inter-library lending agreement.

In all cases, accreditation documentation must be presented.

The opening hours of the Lending Service will end a quarter of an hour prior to the close of consultation hours in the library.

The following may be requested on loan to be taken home: books, journals and videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs. A maximum of 4 books may be taken out for 20 days, and 2 videos for 1 week.

The following are excluded from lending, or subject to special conditions:

Reference works identified with a specific mark (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, regulations, directories, etc.)
Non-bound journals
Books, journals and videos that, because of their specific publication conditions, print run, conservation, historical value, etc., are excluded at the Library's decision.

Loans will be for an extendable period of 15 days, requiring notice in person or by telephone for the purpose of monitoring. These periods may be extended for the same length of time, provided that the items have not been requested by any other user.

Documents not returned on the established date will be demanded in writing and/or by telephone. If no response is received within a period of 10 days, the user will be temporarily suspended from using the consultation and lending services until the document is returned or the equivalent value repaid. The current cost of replacement will ultimately be charged in the most appropriate manner. If this is not possible, compensation will be between 10 and 15 times the cost, as decided by the Library Commission.

If the document loaned is lost, users must replace it immediately, or will be charged the current cost of replacement in the most appropriate manner. If replacement is not possible, compensation will be as set out in the above article. Meanwhile, restoration of any damage caused to documents loaned will be payable by the user of the Lending Service.

29. Respect Internet usage standards
It should be borne in mind that the screens are visible to all. Certain personal consultations could, for reasons of ethics, offend the sensibilities of other users. You must always bear in mind that you are using a public service.



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