• Klimov VK-1 turbojet engine

    Klimov VK-1 turbojet engine

    Inventory number: 16540
    Date: 1948
    Origin:  Russia
    Dimensions: 135 x 242 x 120 cm.                                                                          

    The Klimov VK-1 engine was developed by the Soviet Union after the Second World War in order to equip its MIG-15 “Fagot” fighter jets. The design of the engine, by Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov, is an evolution of the RD-45 engine based on the British-manufactured Rolls Royce Nene engine with a centrifugal compressor which was first mass manufactured in 1948.

    This engine, with some variations, was also fitted to the MIG-17 fighter jet and to the Il-28 and Tu-14 bombers, all three manufactured in the Soviet Union, and became one of the most widely manufactured power engines in the history of aviation.