Trias Biscuits

The exhibition showcases the history and present of a consolidated brand

From July, 08 2015 to November, 01 2015

The exhibition “Trias Biscuits: history and present of an established brand" emphasises the national and international profile of the Trias brand, present in 16 countries, and the ability of its production systems to adapt to existing standards, along with the spirit of innovation that has allowed them to adapt to the latest market demands. The quality ingredients (almonds, eggs, fresh cream, sugar, chocolate, coconut), production processes, the evolution of the packaging, preservation and product range are all central features of the exhibition. The exhibits, machines and documentation provided by the company go hand-in-hand with the machines from the brand's heritage held at the MNACTEC.

In 1908 Joaquim Trias began making biscuits in Santa Coloma de Farners, specialising in high-quality almond biscuits. His son continued the business in 1946, and his grandsons and great-grandsons have now given the family tradition an international profile.

The exhibition contains audiovisual materials revealing the past and present of the production process, and is divided into six sections:

  1. Origins and Consolidation of the Family Tradition
  2. Hard times
  3. The company and the region
  4. The production process Natural ingredients, tradition, quality and innovation
  5. The tins and their inspiration
  6. Expansion and international recognition. The future
  7. Technological innovation: machinery and business management

The exhibition is supplemented by activities and guided tours for the general public and for students. It will be on display until 1 November 2015 in the Long-standing Catalan Companies exhibition space, located in the Museum lobby, which houses temporary exhibitions on long-standing Catalan companies still in operation today.