The mNACTEC at home

Online resources for visiting the museum without leaving home

In accordance with the measures announced by the Government of Catalonia to prevent and control the spread of SARS COV-2, and to avoid any unnecessary journeys, the mNACTEC is closed indefinitely until further notice, providing a minimal administrative service through remote working.

During the lockdown period, the mNACTEC is offering the general public a range of online resources, allowing them to visit the Museum without leaving home:

Virtual tour of the mNACTEC: use Google Street View to visit the main areas and exhibitions of the Museum.

Thematic Museum blogs: the mNACTEC has 5 thematic blogs focusing on the topics of women in the industrial, scientific and technical world; industrial heritage; telecommunications; worker housing; and iron.

Online exhibitions: there are 3 virtual mNACTEC exhibitions in the Google Arts & Culture project, dedicated to Montesa motorbikes, the photography archive of the Catalana de Gas i Electricitat company, and the Museum's collection of daguerreotypes.

Collections Online: the Museum website provides access to the inventory of objects from the mNACTEC collection.

Online photography archive: the digitised photography holdings of the Museum collections are available for consultation.

Eix MagazineEix is an educational publication that aims to explain and showcase the scientific and technical culture and heritage of Catalonia's industrial society. This mNACTEC-published magazine can be read online up to the penultimate issue.

mNACTEC documentaries: the mNACTEC YouTube channel features six documentaries of under 10 minutes providing an insight into issues connected with science, technology and industrial heritage.

Participatory 'Museum on the Street' project: 'Museum on the Street' is a mNACTEC project intended to uncover traces of the heritage of Catalonia's industrial society.

Map of the industrial heritage of Catalonia: this website brings together the 150 essential elements of Catalan industrial heritage.


press-clock 20 March 2020