Plenary meeting for the Cardboard Hospital

Initial steps for restoration of the building agreed

The Capdella Hydroelectric Museum yesterday hosted the first plenary session comprising technical and administrative staff, to take the first steps in restoring the Vall Fosca Cardboard Hospital, the only one of its kind documented anywhere in the world. The process will be conducted through a horizontal methodology, in the sense that provision is made for the involvement of individuals from different fields, such as architects, restorers and archaeologists, as well as local residents, in a unique community-based and participatory initiative.

Yesterday's meeting agreed to establish committees, and set out the working methodology to be followed. The meeting was attended by the Director of the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC), Jaume Perarnau, the mayor and councillors of Torre de Capdella, representatives of the Pallars Jussà District Council, Idapa, Geoparc Orígens, the Director of the Valls d'Àneu Ecomuseum, Jordi Abella, the Chairperson of the Pirineus.watt Association, Arcadi Castilló and the external consultant Joan Reguant, along with representatives of the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum.

A pioneering example of prefabricated architecture

The building was constructed as a hospital during the initial work on the Capdella hydroelectric power plant, and by 1912 was in operation. The Cardboard Hospital was produced by the German company Christoph & Unmack, a leading global name in the construction of prefabricated buildings in the early 20th century.


press-clock 3 November 2021