New spring family programming

The programme “Family weekends at the mNACTEC” includes dramatized visits, family shows and workshops on science, robotics, technology and innovation

This spring, the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) is offering a new weekend activity programme for families. This quarter it is worth noting the family shows "Dins la panxa del llop", produced by De Paper, and "Contes en família", by Rosa Fité.
The “Family weekends at the mNACTEC” initiative hopes to bring even the youngest of children closer to scientific and technological heritage using workshops and activities on the exhibitions and experiences of the mNACTEC. These activities are divided into four different blocks depending on the theme and the target audience: “Technology and innovation”, “Dramatized visits”, “The children’s mNACTEC” and “Science as a family”.

press-clock 20 March 2018