Netol advertisement to become property of MNACTEC

The advertisement on Font Vella is to be restored and kept in its public setting

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) will be adding to its collection the Netol advert installed in the 1960s on Carrer de la Font Vella in Terrassa, which will become the property of MNACTEC following formalisation of its donation by the owner of the building where it stands. The advertisement will be restored in situ and remain in its public setting, despite being included in the MNACTEC collection.

The final details are this week being put to the donation agreement between the MNACTEC and the owner of the building, to be signed in the coming days. Once the ink is dry, the Museum will begin the first phase of consolidation of the advertisement to avoid any further degradation, and will then implement the second phase of effective restoration of the sign.

press-clock 29 September 2022