MNACTEC hosts “40 Years of Firefighters” exhibition

The exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the Directorate-General for Fire Prevention, Extinguishing and Rescue

The travelling display "40 Years of Firefighters. Creation, evolution and future challenges of the Catalan Fire Service" recounts the four decades of history of the Catalan Autonomous Government's DGPEIS (Directorate-General for Fire Prevention, Extinguishing and Rescue), explaining its origins, evolution, current operations and future challenges.

Nine mannequins accompany the historical account: they display the 4 service uniforms that the firefighters of the Catalan Government department have worn over the course of their history, since 1980, in the operational units of the brigade and other sections of the DGPEIS that support firefighting operations.

Aside from the exhibits shown in the travelling display, the MNACTEC has also embellished the presentation with additional items of significance in the field of fire prevention, extinguishing and rescue, including: the Bölkow BO 105 helicopter purchased by the Autonomous Government in 1982, which was the first helicopter used in Catalonia or anywhere in Spain to put out fires; a Ford TT firetruck from the 1920s-30s; a Land Rover “Carrosseta” truck, which was in service between 1973 and 1995; the Montserrat motorised pump, a device manufactured in the 1930s in Catalonia, the first to allow water to be pumped with a motor, and the Barcelona connection, a metal part to attach hoses, adjustable to all sizes of hose and hydrant.

The exhibition is curated by Grup 14x40, comprising staff of the DGPEIS who aside from their routine work, also spend some of their time locating, restoring, conserving and displaying the historical heritage of the Fire Service of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

The travelling exhibition has already been put on display in Puigcerdà, Berga, Manresa and Vic.

press-clock 26 January 2023