INS Nicolau Copèrnic high school in the Carles Capdevila bursaries

The high school and mNACTEC work together on an educational innovation project


Terrassa's Nicolau Copèrnic high school, in a Magnet partnership with the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (mNACTEC), was one of the finalists in the third edition of the Carles Capdevila bursaries, appraising 52 projects and awarding 22,000 euros to an innovative inclusive schooling initiative. The bursaries are an initiative organised by the newspaper Ara and the La Caixa Bank Foundation, recognising educational institutions that champion diversity as an educational opportunity.

The school devised workshops combining the students' interests and the teachers' expertise, covering a number of different topics: robotics, communication, music, cooking in English, as well as cinema and theatre. These are multi-level groups (not age-based, but instead mixing together all years of compulsory education), and putting team teaching into practice, in other words involving at least two teachers working together. The activities also link up with institutions outside the school, such as the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia, with which the high school has a Magnet partnership.

Magnet Programme
One of the aims raised within the context of the Nicolau Copèrnic high school's educational project is to promote students' interest in scientific culture and technology. Which is why they have found a great ally in the mNACTEC


press-clock 22 October 2020