Fourth edition of the 'We are electric!' congress

This year’s edition calls for a new energy paradigm

The 4th We are electric! Congress is to be held on 6 and 7 June at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia. This year, We are electric! will examine the need to ensure a new energy model favouring a greater presence of the new mobility models in response to the current social context.

After its third edition, which focused on mobility and electric vehicles, the disruption of the market and the future of the automobile industry, the We are electric! congress is advancing further. In connection with the current social situation and scientific and technological advances it will be examining the current energy scenario: self-consumption and self-generation; the role of renewable energy and of authorities and companies in demanding and bringing about a new paradigm; as well as the example of leadership in mobility and transition to China, lithium shortage or the challenges faced in sea and land transport.

Once again - and more than ever - this 4th edition aims to become an open space for debate and discussion in which to generate and acquire knowledge. For this reason, two morning sessions are proposed this year, looking at:

  • The present and future transformation of energy and mobility
  • Energy transition, self-generation and self-consumption and the role of renewable sources of energy


Registration for the sessions on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June is already open on the mNACTEC website.

press-clock 13 May 2019