Emotiva21 photography festival at MNACTEC

The MNACTEC is the venue for the exhibitions “One in three” and “Autism: A look, a caress"

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) will from 7 October be the venue for the exhibitions "One in three", by Mingo Venero, and "Autism: A look, a caress", by Marta Bacardit, within the context of the Emotiva21 photography festival. The shows will be on display until f17th of March 2022 with entry free of charge and with no prior booking, during the Museum's opening hours.

The photographs in the exhibition "One in three" by Mingo Venero capture the impact of child poverty in our society. All indicators reveal that one in three children in Spain is at risk of poverty. "One in three" aims to present this reality, which lives silently among us. The exhibition is on show at the MNACTEC's Made in Catalonia venue.

Marta Bacardit's photographs in the exhibition “Autism: A look, a caress", record from a tender, personal perspective the reality of people who suffer autism, and how the pandemic turned their lives upside down. The show can be seen at the MNACTEC's Espai Lila venue.


Emotiva21 is a photography festival founded in 2018 with the aim of making photography more accessible to the general public. Over the course of a month, works by a range of artists are exhibited at different venues and cultural institutions around the city of Terrassa. Activities, workshops and roundtable debates are also scheduled. The festival is an initiative of the Xafa’T collective.

MNACTEC's involvement in Emotiva21 corresponds to the Museum's aim to play its part in the city's major cultural events.

press-clock 30 September 2021