Actions for improving hearing accessibility

These actions focus on improving the reception of visitors and guided visits

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has set up three actions to guarantee hearing impaired users accessibility within the Museum as part of its Social responsibility programme and coinciding with the International Cochlear Implant Day. The actions focus on improving accessibility when welcoming visitors, guided visits and workshops, and dramatised visits.

Firstly, a magnetic loop microphone has been installed at reception so that cochlear implant users can hear what is said from the desk perfectly. These devices convert sound into a magnetic signal reproduced directly to cochlear implants, eliminating ambient sounds for users.

In addition, portable magnetic loops acquired incorporate a system of microphones and receivers for use in any guided visit or workshop on offer at the Museum. Any hearing impaired users with cochlear implants can hear what is said directly, with the help of a coder handed out upon entrance, and anyone with partial hearing loss and cochlear implants will be able to use headphones to improve the auditory quality of their visit. Any users interested in this service must specify this when booking the activity or upon arrival at Museum reception.

Finally, the actions aimed at improving the visit for hearing impaired users also include the presence of a sign language interpreter in some of the dramatised visits to the textile factory. These visits with interpreter are expected to be on offer once a quarter, depending on demand. The first visits are programmed for Sundays 8 March and 14 June, at 12 h.

press-clock 25 February 2020