Acquisition of a Hispano-Suiza T60RLA car from 1936

Seen as the best-preserved T60RLA remaining, it is on display in the exhibition "Transport"

The National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia (MNACTEC) has acquired a Hispano-Suiza T60RLA car from 1936, one of the last models produced by the Barcelona-based luxury carmaker. The vehicle has been added to the MNACTEC collections, and is already on permanent display in the exhibition "Transport".

The vehicle acquired by the museum is seen as the best-preserved T60RLA of the few that still remain in existence. Thanks to the exceptional state of upkeep of the vehicle, it can still be driven, and arrived at the museum under its own power.

The acquisition forms part of a new line of work by the MNACTEC in connection with Catalonia's legendary Hispano-Suiza marque, of which the MNACTEC also has a Hispano-Suiza T30, a Hispano-Suiza 12 Lbr (V12) aviation engine, as well as other exhibits.

press-clock 3 February 2023