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  • Victoria pianola roll

    Victoria pianola roll

    Record number: 12828
    Geographical specifications: La Garriga (Catalonia)
    Date: 1905 - 1929
    Dimensions: 5,5 x 33 x 6 cm
    Weight: 0.42 kg

    Roll for mechanical music playing by means of a pianola, with the central polychromatic black wooden cylinder and the roll of punched paper. There is a metal collar at one end to attach the paper to the pianola mechanism. Marked with the number 5196, and the title The Amazement of Damascus. Couplets by ALI-MON. Luna H. Housed in a purple case with a label indicating the name of the vendor, Casa Comas in Sabadell. 

    The “La Solfa” factory, which manufactured Victoria rolls, was founded in 1905 in La Garriga by Joan Baptista Blancafort (1865-1948), the father of the composer Manel Blancafort and the representative in Barcelona of the Columbia Graphophone Company S.A.E. It was the first to produce pianola rolls in Spain, and exported them to Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Between 1919 and 1930 it built up a catalogue of more than four thousand works.