Audiovisual technology

  • AGA Agaphone tape player

    AGA Agaphone tape player

    Record number: 12977
    Date: 1950s
    Provenance: Sweden
    Dimensions: 28 x 30.5 x 25.5 cm
    Weight: 11.6 kg

    Magnetic wire recorder with a tabletop microphone and wooden case with brown leather cover and lilac velvet lining. A lightbulb can be seen at the front of the device which probably lit up to indicate the recording mode. The recorder controls (play, rewind and record) are also found on the front of the device.

    AGA is one of the Swedish companies known for its technological innovation. It dates back to 1904, and began with the technological innovations of the Swedish Nobel prizewinner Gustaf Dalen. These inventions include in particular his flashing light, from 1905, and the Dalen sun valve and mixer from 1987. AGA subsequently marketed a wide range of products, such as cookers and audio recording equipment.