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  • Iroquois steam roller

    Iroquois steam roller

    Record number: 1808
    Date: 1926
    Dimensions: 227 x 310 x 95 cm
    Weight: 2,500 kg

    Iroquois steam roller. A machine/tool used in the past to flatten tarmac or earth on roads and for other heavy rolling functions.

    An automotive compressor vehicle of considerable weight, used to compact the surface of public highways. It comprises a solid frame mounted at the front on a large iron cylinder which can be steered to alter the vehicle's direction of travel. At the rear there is a large drive wheel like the front cylinder, made of iron, with surfaces in contact with the ground. The weight would range from between 6 to 12 and 18 tonnes, with movement generated by a diesel engine with a power rating of from 4 to 6 hp per tonne.