• Model silk worm

    Model silk worm

    Record number: 6784
    Date: c.1915
    Dimensions: 21 x 123 x 18 cm

    A model of a silk worm. It is divided down the middle and can be taken apart to reveal the internal anatomy, the muscular system, the trachea, the nervous system and the circulatory system, the intestinal tube, the silk-producing glands and the organs in the mouth used to thread the silk.

    The model, which comes from the Higher School of Architecture of Barcelona, carries a tag bearing the name Francesc Darder (Barcelona, 1851-1918). He taught at the institution in 1915 and 1916. At the same time, this doctor and veterinarian was organising the Darder Museum in Banyoles, based on the collections from his shop, on Via Diagonal in Barcelona, the source of the exhibit in question, as revealed by the aforementioned tag. Darder was also the founder of the Zoological Park and Zootechnical Museum of Barcelona, of which he was the director, and the icthyology laboratories in Barcelona and Banyoles.