• Mas “de borda” blunderbuss

    Mas “de borda” blunderbuss

    Inventory number: 16536
    Date: 18th century
    Dimensions: 109 x 35 x 10 cm
    Weight: 7.32 kg

    Large heavy blunderbuss, described as “de borda” or “de muralla”. The grip is in walnut wood. The flintlock is of the type known as “de Miquelet”. The blunderbuss has an iron support at the point of equilibrium. The upper part of the chamber features the name of the gunsmith or gunner: the word “MAS” appears engraved in thick straight letters. The reinforcement ring shows the firepower of this type of weapon, often also loaded with small stones or buckshot. The blunderbuss, manufactured in Ripoll, is noteworthy as it still preserves all its original pieces.

    De borda blunderbusses were manufactured in the 18th century and used to equip Catalan vessels. This piece was found in a masía in the Balearics.