• Escuder gas engine

    Escuder gas engine

    Record number:  3456
    Date: 1887 - 1895
    Dimensions: 145 x 112 x 80 cm. Maximum diameter: 133 cm

    This was one of the first gas engines built in Spain. The engine is essentially based on the steam engine, and uses the so-called Otto cycle. It has a horizontal cylinder. It uses sliding valves to aspirate the mixture of fuel and air, which enters the cylinder, where it is ignited by electric sparks generated by spark plugs, using a coil and battery. A connecting rod attached to the piston is linked to the rim of a large flywheel, which regulates the movement and produces a uniform output of energy, with an axle running through it, fitted with two gear wheels to transmit the force of the machinery powered by the engine. A horizontal axle connects the two parts.