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  • Ericsson telephone

    Ericsson telephone

    Record number: 1890
    Date:  1900 - 1910
    Dimensions: 73.5 x 26 x 25 cm

    Full wall-mounted station. Local telephone exchange. It comprises a wooden board measuring 2.5 cm and with moulded sides, formed into a semicircle at the top. Below it bears the name PUIG. There are two metal bells, painted brown. In the centre is a large wooden box, revealing the faded manufacturer's name, and opening on one side like a door. Inside there are two large Tximist Leclanché batteries and the switch system with a cogwheel, along with other devices. A metal hook emerges from the interior, used to hang the earpiece. It is long, with a black resin handle. The whole unit is quite heavily decorated. There are golden flowers on the wood at the top, and a royal crest against a red background with a lion on the front.