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  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) IBM System/360 model 30

    Central Processing Unit (CPU) IBM System/360 model 30

    Inventory number: 11470
    Date: 1964 - 1970
    Origin: United States of America
    Dimensions: 155 x 73.5 x 167 cm

    This module is the central unit of the IBM System/360 model 30 and it contains the calculation unit, the main memory, the microprogram and the central controllers of the peripherals. It also had a read-only internal memory which stored a microprogram which was personalised by the architecture of System/360. System/360 included the default implementation of a byte as an 8-bit sequence. This central unit which housed the CPU of the system could operate with different modules.

    Also known as IBM 2030, in 1964 it was a pioneering third-generation computer. This means it was the first computer to use integrated circuits or solid state logic, subsequently simplified for manufacturing processes, while it provided a considerable increase in the capacity for calculation and features in general.