• Villalbí Motorcycle

    Villalbí Motorcycle

    Inventory number:  10559
    Date: 1904
    Dimensions: 98 x 54 x 192 cm

    The Villalbí Motorcycle, designed by Miquel Villalbí between 1903 and 1904, was the first motorcycle manufactured in Catalonia and Spain. Only five copies were made, which werw sold for 1,200 pesetas.

    It has a four stroke single-cylinder engine with opposing automatic intake valves with a 78 x 90 mm long stroke, equivalent to 429.83 cc.. With a stack and coil starter the carburettor had separate controls for gas and air, the transmission was executed through a trapezoid gearless belt and with pedals for extra help on slopes. The upper part of the fuel tank incorporates three small controls to regulate the progress of spark, fuel and air. The handlebar incorporated the controls for the decompressor and the contact system which were operated by turning the handlebars as in modern motorbikes.