• Model ship

    Model ship

    Record number: 1997
    Date: 1929

    Model steamship, painted red and black, with a rotating gold propeller. Marking: Garay & Gisbert. The ship is cross-sectioned; only the stern section can be seen. At the bow end there is a large coal boiler with a smokestack. In the middle is the steam combustion engine with vertical pistons to power the ship. A system of axles, gears, wheels, valves and pistons transmitted the steam throughout,driving the pistons and operating the propeller shaft.It operates at 125 V. The structure is made from walnut-coloured wood. In the form of a fronted board.

    Before arriving at the Museum, this model was displayed in the shop window of maritime supplier on Passeig de Colom in Barcelona. It was, though, originally made for the Universal Exposition staged in Barcelona in 1929, where it was displayed.