Technospace: Immersive space time

The space offers immersive projections connected with the evolution of technology and scientific knowledge

The Technospace is an immersive audiovisual area reflecting on the evolution of technology and scientific knowledge, linking the past, present and future. The Technospace comprises an immersive screening room and a small exhibition area outside, with content connected with the audiovisual feature being shown at that time.

The first offering for this area, entitled "Immersive space time", is a reflection on how societies make measurements, based on their degree of technological advancement at different points in history. The film presents the characteristics of different societies (pre-industrial, industrial and post-industrial), explaining the different measurement systems that each of them has created in accordance with their needs.

The small display outside, "Evolution or involution?", reflects on the human need to measure, count and compare, and how this has given rise to different systems of measurement. It analyses the evolution of these systems down to today's great technological revolution, showing the effects on society. The exhibits include a number of objects traditionally used to measure volume, length and time.