Industrial past, spaces of oblivion

A selection of 70 photographs by Frank Gómez documents the evolution of the industrial landscape in Catalonia

Until 30 January 2019

From October, 03 2017 to January, 30 2019

The exhibition presents a selection of 70 photographs taken by Frank Gómez since 1985 and which are part of the photographic project Industrial Past.

The images on display document the urban and architectural evolution of a landscape shaped during the splendour of the Industrial Revolution and the years that followed, as well as the transition towards a post-industrial setting in which inactive factories made way for new urban spaces with uses significantly different from the original ones. The atmosphere of these abandoned spaces and the unusable machinery generate a visual poetry in which colour and the geometry of the images take viewers on a dreamlike historical journey to a time of industrial splendour.

This project aims to highlight the rich industrial heritage in Catalonia and raise awareness on the importance of graphic documentation in preserving this legacy.