Practical and interactive experiences with energy

Long-term exhibition

The exhibition Enérgeia offers a journey through different sources of energy as the driving force for human activity and industrialisation. An exhibition on energy, the essential driving force of industrialisation, serving to explain the importance of how sources of energy have been used over the years.

In order better to explain the concepts, the exhibition includes notable large-scale historical artefacts such as the Fontaine turbine, steam engines, a huge switch, models such as the Vapor Vell de Sants, experiments known as "yellow points" ranging from the inclined plane used in turbines, to experiments with electricity, most notably the demonstrations of Faraday's Cage. The exhibition also features a number of audiovisual displays.


1. MUSCLE POWER: The oldest energy. Applications of muscle power.
2. WATER AND WIND: Nature's energy. Mills, wheels and turbines.
4. ELECTRICITY: Instant energy. Generation, distribution and applications of electricity.
5. GAS AND OIL: Fossil energy. Discover gas and oil, through their formation, their uses, an explanation of their source, production and applications.