The Sun Terrace

An interactive space to discover various aspects connected with the sun

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, and making use of this is one of the main energy challenges of the future, using a wide range of technologies and applications. On the Sun Terrace, an interactive space located on the Museum Terrace, there are examples of some of the sustainable technologies: how to make a motor run; the Sterling Solar motor, and even boiling water for domestic consumption or for cooking, whether on a small household cooker or on a grand scale using a huge Scheffler solar reflector.

A number of the interactive exhibits explain how we have made use of the sun to measure time: sundials and solar calendars. There are also explanations of why the orientation of the sun changes over the course of the year, how the colours of the rainbow are created and how we use the equipment to measure daily sunlight and radiation.

The star exhibit on the Sun Terrace is the large-scale Scheffler solar reflector, the only reflector of its type in Catalonia, capable of cooking for a large crowd. The reflector has a reflective surface of 8 m² forming an ellipse measuring 3.8 x 2.8 m. The device has been installed thanks to the donation and collaboration of the Terra Foundation.