Coal stores, boilers, chimney and steam engine

The heart of the textile factory

The basement floor of the Museum contains the coal stores, boilers, chimney and the steps leading to the steam engine, making up the power plant that was the heart of the former textile factory.Stepping out onto the balcony of the steam engine hall one can see the huge size of the industrial shopfloor, covering 11,000 m², and now housing an exhibition gallery.

The coal stores were where the fuel was stockpiled to keep the steam engine running, producing the energy to operate the textile factory's machinery. Most of this coal came from Wales and Asturias. It was carried on steam ships as far as the port of Barcelona, and from there by train to Terrassa, and on carts as far as the factory.

In the two boilers, the burning coal would heat the water until it became steam, which was then fed along a pipeline as far as the steam engine.

One of the most distinctive features of factories are their high chimneys, providing an exit route for the fumes from the boilers. The chimney of the Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover measures 41 metres in height and is built from brick, as is the rest of the factory. Visitors are able to step inside the chimney, specifically in the section where the fumes would previously have entered, offering a surprising experience.

The steam engine was the heart of the factory. It was commonly known as "the mule", as it operated all the textile machinery in the industrial unit.