Traditional cures series

Tools and knowledge for healthcare using elements from our environment

The MNACTEC is presenting a series explaining tools and knowledge used for healthcare based on elements from our environment which we use on a daily basis for hygiene, nutrition, and even as decoration.

In emergency situations, natural disasters and strife, as during the pandemic, or as happens in countries at war, such elements may prove highly useful to deal with pain, falls, circulatory problems, coughs, etc.

The use of such elements and knowledge does not mean giving up appointments with healthcare professionals, or no longer taking the medication they prescribe. But an understanding of traditional cures can help us live better, avoid overwhelming casualty services, and deal with numerous complaints.

The traditional cures series is organised by the nurse and nursing lecturer Rosa Ferrer de Dios as one of the parallel activities accompanying the exhibition "Medicines in Catalonia. Enterprise, science and innovation for health", on display at the MNACTEC up until 19 April 2023.


press-clock 3 January 2023