Study of the restoration of the Cardboard Hospital

This unique 20th-century construction is built with prefabricated cardboard panels

A group of technical specialists is studying how to carry out a complete restoration of the Cardboard Hospital in Capdella (Torre de Capdella, Pallars Jussà), a unique construction built using prefabricated cardboard panels in the 1910s. The building, managed by the Capdella Hydroelectric Museum, was recently declared a Cultural Asset of Local Interest.

This cross-disciplinary work group is made up of technical specialists from the museums within the Territorial System of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC), the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage, the Ecomuseum of Valls d’Àneu, IDAPA, and external consultants and specialists. The group will draw up a preliminary report before drawing up the restoration project.

press-clock 30 July 2020