"Science and Technology Museums" Seminar

The event will address issues such as the concept of museum, and appraisal systems

On Thursday, 16 June, the MNACTEC and its Territorial Structure of heritage sites and museums are organising the seminar "Science and technology museums, driving force of the museum sector in the 21st century". The seminar will be conducted in person from 9:30 to 17:30, at the main MNACTEC building in Terrassa. There will be some seventy people in attendance, including museum and cultural administration professionals, as well as other profiles connected with the museum sector and cultural heritage.

Taking as its starting point the distinctive features of science and technology museums that call into question the different concepts of traditional museum presentation, the session aims to address such issues as the notion of museums and their implications, a review of museum appraisal systems, and the characteristics of contemporary modes of museum expression.

The seminar will result in a roadmap for future initiatives by the group of museums making up the Territorial Structure of the National Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia.

press-clock 15 June 2022