Renewed Biosphere sustainability certification

This seal aims to extend the culture of sustainability to tourist companies and services

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has renewed its “Biosphere commitment to sustainability” certification for guaranteeing the quality and sustainability of tourism services. This distinction is awarded by Diputació de Barcelona, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and the Institute for Responsible Tourism.

The award ceremony took place on 4 March during the 2019 Tourism Conference of the Regional Council of the Vallès Occidental, an annual gathering of the public and private tourism sector in the region. Along with mNACTEC, 20 companies from the region have received or renewed the Biosphere certification.

The meeting was attended by municipal representatives, entrepreneurs, universities, manufacturers and restaurateurs, as well as by the Representative for Tourism from the Regional Council, Meritxell Lluís, and the Deputy for Tourism from Diputació de Barcelona, Miquel Sàmper.

press-clock 5 March 2019