Prize ceremony for the Joves Leonardo competition

Students have completed a project on their visit to the exhibition

Next Saturday 17 June at 11 am, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) will be awarding the prizes for the Joves Leonardo competition, aimed at secondary education students. In the competition, students produced projects about their visit to the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci: The genius and his inventions" in the mNACTEC, and presented them in a video. These could be connected to any field relating to Leonardo da Vinci: art, science, technology, daily life, economy, society, etc.

The winning submissions include projects on the mechanization of Leonardo’s inventions, inventions proposed to improve the institute, research in English on the tank designed by Leonardo, a project on Leonardo’s invention of the parachute and the creation of a large bust of Leonardo for the exhibition.

press-clock 17 June 2017