New family programme for autumn

Workshops, dramatised tours and activities for the youngest visitors

The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) is offering a new programme of activities intended for families this autumn. The children's show "Bearded Mix" marks the start of the programme, which aims to bring children from an early age into closer contact with scientific and technological heritage, by means of workshops and activities linked to the exhibitions and initiatives at the mNACTEC.

The activities begin on 4 October and have been divided into a structure of separate blocks in accordance with the topic and the audience addressed: "Technology Workshops", "Dramatised Tours of the Textile Factory", "The mNACTEC for the Youngest Visitors" and "Family Science".

On the first Sunday in October and November, coinciding with the Museum's free entrance day, there will be the traditional "Dramatised tour: 1910. A Stroll around the Factory", offering a fun way to explore the exhibition "The Textile Factory", one of the most important at the mNACTEC. In December the dramatised tour is transferred to Sunday the 13th, as the first weekend in the month will see the staging of the Hispabrick Magazine Event 2015, the traditional gathering of LEGO® enthusiasts.

The programme for this autumn includes activities for the youngest visitors, including the children's show "Bearded Mix", the workshop "Urban Adventure" and a storytelling session, activities intended for children aged between 3 and 6, and incorporating theatrical and participatory aspects.

Children aged over 6 will also have the chance to explore the world of technology, at workshops where they can assemble and analyse different types of gears, or design a robot with electrically conductive paint.The programme likewise addresses the scientific method, the challenges of electricity supply and experimental physics, with experiences in the Mentora Alsina laboratory exhibition space, among others. Lastly, within the context of the European Heritage Seminars and Science Week, the mNACTEC is organising special activities that will be announced shortly.

The "Family Sundays at the mNACTEC" will be staged on Sundays up until 27 December at 12 noon, at a cost of one euro per participant (not including the Museum entrance charge).



press-clock 15 September 2015