New family programme

Activities about the exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: The genius and his inventions” and much more

This winter, the Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) is offering a new weekend activity programme for families. The January-March 2017 programme has incorporated activities about the exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: The genius and his inventions”, which will be open to the public from late January; the workshop “Come and build with Kapla”, and the music show The Little Circus by the Mercè Framis Puppet Theatre Company.
The “Family weekends at the mNACTEC” initiative hopes to bring even the youngest of children closer to scientific and technological heritage using workshops and activities on the exhibitions and experiences of the mNACTEC. These activities are divided into four different blocks depending on the theme and the target audience: “Technology and innovation”, “Dramatized visits”, “The children’s mNACTEC” and “Science as a family”.

press-clock 12 January 2017