New edition of the 3-D printing and design course

Registration open for secondary school teachers

The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) will during the month of June be staging a new edition of the 3-D printing and design course intended for secondary school teachers. The training event, being staged for the first time at the Museum in May, has proved extremely popular among the educational community, leading to a new edition scheduled for next month, as a result of the numerous applicants who were unable to be given a place. Registration for the course is open until 1 June, via this link:

The aim of the course is to discover the potential of printing technology in the creation of prototypes intended for school projects across a broad spectrum of curriculum subjects: Technology, Visual and Artistic Education, Mathematics and Science.

The new edition in June will be staged on Thursday 4, 11, 18 and 25 June, from 16:0 to 20:00 hours at the mNACTEC, with 30 places for secondary school teachers.

The course, delivered by specialists covering the technical and educational aspects of the training content, will provide the tools required to design an object, or, starting with a design that has been created, to transform it into a model that can be printed using one of the current technologies.

One of the aims of mNACTEC is to showcase scientific and technological knowledge among teaching staff, serving as a driving force behind educational innovation and the transfer of knowledge into the classroom. The course on design and 3-D forms a part of the mNACTEC educational programme, that includes training intended for teaching staff, in partnership with the Centre for Specific Educational Resources to Support Innovation and Educational Research, of the Department of Education of the Autonomous Regional Government of Catalonia.

This training venture represents the first step in creating an innovation node at the mNACTEC, covering the latest technological advances.

press-clock 26 May 2015